I Love This Weather

Anticipation of the forecasted severe weather has me somewhat excited. It’s no secret I love the rain. I love the smell, the color, the sound, the renewal after. All of it. I never wondered why. Sitting in the cafeteria waiting the time I officially report to work listening to the thunder I do a little online reading.

As I’m perusing several blog titles one catches my eye. It induces the question “why do I love this weather?”. My curiosity and appetite for researching everything is tempted and so I begin reading. The ideas I come to are many, some new, some not. My general mental state is not a secret. Depression has been a part of my life for nearly all of my adulthood. This I resolve plays a part in my affection for the darker side of weather. The one word that really created a feeling of comfort and realization was solitude. Yes, I see that totally being the reason for me.

Solitude is a time for one to relax, regroup, and rebuild. I am most comfortable alone at times and enjoy the quiet and lack of confusion. Sometimes I sleep. Sometimes I catch up on “business”. I read, watch tv, do housework, what ever I want. This is my time. I love my time.

I also enjoy playing in the rain with my kids. I have always felt that rain will be one of the things that will bring memories of me to my children and grandchildren in the future because it’s something I do love so much. I hope this makes it a pleasant time for them as it is for me. Being a lover of rain does not make me depressing or Gothic. I simply love the rain.

Every life weathers storms. Sometimes, you just have to dance in the rain.


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