Who am I?

Who am I? Who am I? Well that’s an interesting question for me. I find myself wondering after almost thirty years of motherhood just that. My name is Tiffany Roberts. I am a forty-six year old mother of five beautiful children. This is what has landed me here among the vast world of bloggers. I am taking the opportunity to step outside of my box and venture on to a new world of exploration as a mother and the benefits and challenges that brings.

I work full-time as a cardiac EKG monitor at the local hospital. I am responsible for anywhere from sixty to over one hundred heart patients at any given time; a piece of cake compared to keeping five little lives going on my own. I work nights that my youngest ones are with their father so I don’t feel as though I miss any time with them. I enjoy crafting and do-it-yourself projects, football, upcycling, and any interest my kids may have.

Now how does one come to the decision to indulge into another project on an already pinched to every minute time schedule? There are a few reasons I wanted to try my hand at blogging. Since money is most often the driving force for so much, I would say it was a part. A very small part. I certainly don’t plan on becoming independently wealthy or even totally self-sufficient from it, but I would welcome any supplement to my income. I’ve learned that being on the constant look out for something to just make money with hasn’t worked. I have tried so many. I enjoy working on my own, and have the discipline to do so, as I have in the past. I also enjoy writing and have played with the idea of writing a children’s book or series. I just have no clue exactly how to do so and very little to no funds to do much. I thought a blog may be a good start to try out my story idea and welcome the ideas and feedback.

I am a member of the “Facebook” social circle of my friends, but often find myself feeling as if I am wasting so much time without being fruitful. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing the photos and hearing the stories of those I don’t have daily contact with, but I really should be doing something else. Shouldn’t I? I don’t mind all of the latest technology and the intrusion it brings sometimes, but I would like it to be for some real reason. I like to read, but time to go to the library? We go, but it seems I never read the books. I read online and mostly “how to” or “self help” type things. Again, a great place for and to find on a blog type things.

So here I go. My first attempt at writing a blog. I look forward to connecting with others on so many topics and welcome hearing from you all. I will look for answers and will ask questions. I will post pictures and write stories. I will share recipes and experiences. I promise to dedicate as much time as necessary to get it going and keep it going. I have a plan and will work hard to implement it. Thank you for joining me and I am excited to grow with you.